ReWrite Media is a collective of publishing, mapmaking, education, and experience design teams working in and around Minecraft. We are focused on facilitating the success of creators through our open-source projects and being a pillar of goodness in and outside of Minecraft.


We’ve worked with hundreds of amateur and professional creators, musicians, artists, writers, and brands to bring their projects to life, relentlessly pursuing our vision of a world that fosters beauty and kindness through art.


We’re here to build platforms. We're here to rewrite the rules to define success by what you can make, not what you can earn. We're here to burn down your expectations and rebuild them in the image of the creative.

Our Brands

A leading publisher of content on the Minecraft Marketplace, we work with creators worldwide to bring their content to the world.

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Our in-house creative brand, making mold-breaking video games and other types of Minecraft content.

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An employment website designed from the ground-up to help creators find paid jobs and employees in video game UGC fields.

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Partnering with Microsoft and top educators, we create content allowing students to learn in fun and exciting new ways.

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Our Projects

An open-source Minecraft world editor and converter supporting all versions since Java 1.12 and Bedrock 1.7.

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Official internal documentation and community building for the Minecraft Marketplace community.

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Whether you're looking to build your own game or need someone to do it for you, ReWrite Media is here to help. Reach out to us to find out how we could help conceptualize your design, and even assist in building a community around it.

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